alberta water trucks

Alberta Water Trucks MJs Water Hauling

Alberta Water Trucks


MJ’S Quality Fleet: Young and Maintained by 24 Hour Certified Mechanics
Our fleet is no more than 3 years old! The 67 units of Water Trucks/Vac Trucks (Tandem & Tri), Semi-Vac Units, End-Dumps, Well Site Trailers, Bulk Tankers, Loaders, Excavators, and Winch Tractors are dependable with certified on-site assistance and on-call service readily available. We take pride in our equipment and you will always notice an MJ’s Water Hauling unit over any others when it arrives!

28 Water Trucks
22 Vacuum Trucks
6 Semi Vacuum Trucks
3 End Dumps
6 Wheeled Loaders

At MJ’s we provide our customers with the highest quality of service using dependable, high-performance equipment. We have over 50 units operated by professionally trained and skilled operators.
Experienced throughout Alberta and Saskatchewan, we have taken our field experience and applied it to specialized, custom-designed equipment and technology to meet our customers’ industry needs.

MJ’s state of the art fleet can provide you with dedicated or on-call water hauling for whatever your needs may be. We specialize in rig water hauling, ice roads, lease construction and dust control all serviced by tandem or tri-drive trucks.

Alberta Water Trucks

MJ’s vacuum trucks are all equipped with agitators, preheat and tire boss systems to ensure your disposal needs are met safely , effectively and efficiently.

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