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Canada Internet Lawyer – Allen Mendelsohn

Canada Internet Lawyer

I am an independent lawyer in Montreal specializing in internet matters (yeah I know that’s pretty broad, it’s a living). How did I get there, you ask? That’s actually a good story! After spending several years as a litigation and corporate attorney at the excellent Montreal firm ofRobinson Sheppard Shapiro, I spent several more years as VP (Marketing, Business Development, Legal Affairs, Corporate Affairs, and Bartending) of the best web development company in the world, Plank. While at Plank, I was exposed to a wide range of internet legal issues and as a lawyer, was pretty fascinated by them. So I left the best company in the world, went to get my Masters Degree in internet law (you can read my thesis here if you’re a masochist and / or need a sleep aid), and set out on my own to combine my two previous careers into one. So far so good; I can still afford a decent single malt scotch (well Macallan 10, not 18).

Internet Lawyer Canada

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